As a family we love dogs, but we love them most when they're clean and kept off furniture.  Please make sure you follow our pet policy so we can continue to offer Two Pound Cottage as a pet friendly retreat.

  1. We can accept one dog only.  He or she must be a small or medium-sized breed (no larger than a spaniel).
  2. Please ensure your dog is clean and dry before entering the cottage.
  3. Dogs are not permitted upstairs or on the furniture.
  4. Dogs must not be left in the property unsupervised as this can result in considerable damage to the property and distress to the pet. 
  5. Dogs must be adults (aged over 12 months) and fully housetrained.

  6. Your dog may be a fire risk. Please keep him or her well away from the woodburner and please store matches and firelighters out of your dog's reach. 

  7. We cannot accept responsibility for your dog's safety.

  8. There is a charge of £30 per week or short break.

  9. We charge a £300 deposit which is refunded after your stay and once we have checked the cottage.  If there are any damages we will deduct the amount required to fix/repair as necessary and determined by us. 

    By booking with us, you agree to the above. 



  1. The cottage fronts onto the village green.  If your dog decides to make the green the favourite place to poo, please make sure you bag and bin.  
  2. Sheep, cattle and wild horses graze on Dartmoor. Please keep your dog on a lead if they are likely to chase livestock. Farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs if their animals are disturbed.